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How do I get an application for assistance?

If you are seeking assistance from LukeStronger, please contact your medical team's social worker or financial assistant and inform them of your interest in our charity.  They can contact us for an application and help you through the process.

How can I donate, is it secure, and will I receive a tax credit form?

Easy!  Click the "Donate Now" button on our Home Page and donate through PayPal using either a credit card, debit card or PayPal account information.  Our site is verified, trusted, and uses current SSL security.  We are a licensed 501(c3) and will provide you with tax credit letter upon donation.

How much of my donation goes to help families in need?

Our charity currently has a small expense budget which covers the cost of facilities used for events, any overhead incurred as a result of normal operating costs, and any potential income for services rendered (either contracted, or to employees and it's officers).  While there is currently no money given to officers of LukeStronger, Inc., any changes to this as our foundation grows will be noted publicly as required by 501(c)3 licensing.