Luke Bradley defines the word fighter!  After being diagnosed in 2011 with leukemia at age 6, Luke underwent 3 years of standard chemotherapy and had 4 years of remission.  In 2015, tragedy struck when Luke's leukemia relapsed and he contracted bacterial meningitis 3 weeks after starting a new trial therapy at the Jimmy Fund and Boston Children's Hospital.  He spent 6 weeks in the ICU, suffered seizures, and barely survived the damage to his ventricles and brain.  But slowly Luke started to wake up and begin recovery.  This recovery was complicated by hydrocephalus, a condition of swelling in the brain due to ventricle damage and an increase in fluid pressure around the brain.  Luke had a stroke and needed to be resuscitated multiple times over a twelve month period.  Finally, after 10 neurosurgeries to try and open up the "plumbing" in Luke's head, a shunt was installed that fit just well enough to allow all the cysts and blockages to connect and drain.  It had been 15 months of living in a hospital and Luke was able to finally come home!

This began a long rehabilitation process of OT, PT, speech therapy, and educational therapy.  As Luke was getting stronger, and just reached the point where he could ride a bike again, his leukemia came back.  Since that time, he has undergone a bone marrow transplant in December of 2017.  He continues to fight, is in complete remission (we pray this time for good!) and is getting stronger - mind, body, and spirit!  We are so hopeful for his recovery, and appreciate all your prayers and support for our warrior!  Restrictions come off in September, just in time for him to begin high school.  He is excited to see what life brings!